We have been operating in Greenville since 1989, and at our current location on Old Mill Rd. since 2014.

We go out of our way to satisfy our customers. We provide quicker and better service than anybody in the upstate. Our attention to detail makes our quality by far superior to our competitors. Most people think it is easy to build a fence, but all you have to do is look around , and you will notice a lot of poorly constructed fences. Be sure and ask around , you will see we have an excellent reputation for building a quality fence and giving excellent service.

Yes, choose a style of fence that you like and make a drawing of the area to be fenced in and fax or email it to us and we will fax or email you back a quote. Fax # 864-849-9028.

The Aluminum and Vinyl fence products come with limited Lifetime Warranties from the manufacturers. Wood Fence comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty against rot , decay , and termites from the treatment plant, no warranty on warping, twisting , and cracking. We give a 1 year Warranty on all our products for the installation.

Yes, We carry $1,000,000 worth of Liability Insurance which is used if somebody other than our employees were to get hurt while we are installing the fence. We also carry Worker’s Compensation to cover if any of our workers get hurt while working on your job. Did you know that you would be held liable , if a worker or anybody got hurt on your property during a fence installation , if the company doing the work was not insured. You would be surprised how many fence companies do not carry any insurance .

We ask for a deposit ( 50%) on wood, aluminum and vinyl products. To cover the cost of materials.

Yes, It will definitely help the warping , twisting, and cracking but will not eliminate it. Make sure you get a sealant with UV protection so it will help with the aging (graying) appearance of the fence.

The spacing between the pickets. A privacy fence doesn't have spacing between the pickets, whereas, a picket fence does.

The curvature of the top of the fence. Majestic or mountain (taller in center of section) or Victorian or valley (dip in center of section).

4-6 weeks in the spring/summertime – 10-12 weeks in the winter. Temperature must be above 50 degrees.

We repair any fence that was originally installed by our company.

We have been operating in Greenville since 1989—our current location @ 25 Old Mill Road, Greenville, SC since March, 2011.

We sell aluminum fence and railing products only—a list of materials must be provided, we do not provide take-offs on projects.

A one year craftsmanship warranty is provided from the date the installation is complete. All materials (Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl and Chain Link) come with limited specific product warranties.

Yes, a certificate of insurance can be provided upon request.

Posts are set 18” – 24” in the ground with approx. 40-50lbs per hole. Additionally, we cover the concrete with 2”-6” of dirt for appearance. Please allow minimum of 24-48 hours prior to disturbing the posts to maintain the integrity of the concrete set. **Note: Extremes in weather including freezing temperatures or exceedingly wet conditions could extend this timeframe.

We require a dated/signed contract with 50% deposit. Jobs are not added to our production schedule without both items.

After receipt of the dated/signed contract and deposit, our customer service representative will be in touch to confirm all admin details are in place. This includes the issuance of a Certificate of Insurance and W-9. Further, we will need (1) Your legal entity name for billing and COI (2) Physical address of project (3) Job name for reference and tracking (4) Project manager, admin contact, superintendent or field representative with emails, cell numbers and office phone number. NOTE: Our contract is legal and binding with the person or entity that signs. Final invoice amount is due and payable upon completion.

We may call SC811 and mark your property several times prior to actual installation. SC Law requires 72 hours or 3 business days to allow for utility markings. Lawn maintenance, wet weather and construction alter markings making these updates necessary to protect all parties.

Gate latches and hinges are installed on whichever side the gate swings into. The locking mechanism is located on this side, as well. Terrain is the main factor in this determination in providing an opening that will allows the room needed for access in and out.

Greenville County and Greenville City have different specifications for locks and height. You have to have a minimum of 45” from the top rail to the bottom rail for this to meet the requirements.

Normal installation is approx. 2-5 days depending on the product(s) used on your project and our production schedule. Our customer service representative can advise of more precise details once your contract and deposit are received.

We set the following weeks schedule on Thursday or Friday the week before. Every effort is made to adhere to this timeline, however, weather, construction and equipment issues do arise and it is sometimes necessary to rearrange to accommodate the needs of all concerned parties. If this is the case, we will contact you asap!

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